About New Media Certificate

I am pursuing a New Media Certificate through the New Media Institute, which houses the University of Georgia‚Äôs largest certificate program. The New Media Certificate supplements any undergraduate or graduate degree and is a credential that demonstrates a student is “technowledgable”: the understanding of new media technologies and their application in a chosen field. In order to earn the certificate, I must complete 17 credit hours: 11 hours of NMIX core curriculum plus 6 elective hours. Listed below are the courses I have taken so far in this certificate program as well as details about what the skills developed in the course.

Course 1: New Media Production – NMIX 4110

In New Media Production, I learned how to design and develop responsive websites. Skills acquired in this course include coding with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and learning how to create a website using WordPress. Through various projects and Free Code Camp challenges (view my FCC profile here), I developed the basic skills necessary for web development. This class taught me how to create the website you’re currently viewing. Click the link above for more details about the projects and skills acquired.

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